Here is the list of laughter experts who will be running workshops, trainings and conference sessions.


Merv Neal

Merv Neal

CEO Laughter Yoga Australia and Director of Holistic Services Group

Merv has owned and operated his own businesses for more than 40 years. Following a work related life threatening health issue in 2002, Merv found out first hand that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Merv will expian that there has been no science in laughter … until now that is. Laughter is merely a mathematical equation and he will discuss this concept during his Conference presentation using the Laughter Quotient. Having completed another Research Study, this time with pain management, Merv will present the findings from all of his studies and then discuss the opportunities in the health industry using Laughter as Therapy at the Joy Festival.

Merv will be presenting:
  • 28 Oct – Workshop: Developing Productive Workplaces by Managing Stress
  • 28 Oct – Workshop: Developing the Productive Workplace by Managing Stress using Laughter
  • 25 Oct – Conference: Laughter and HOPE
  • 27 Oct – Joy Festival: Laughter as Therapy
Elva Zhang

Elva Zhang

Founder of PeaceLab and International Lawyer

Elva has been successful in breaking into the legal community with her meditation and laughter classes. At the Conference she will share with us the tricks and hard work required to break intyo any professional field. When we synthesize quantum physics and neuroscience, can you discover the hidden secrets of laughter as a creative power for a new self and new reality? Elva has just completed a training program with a leader in Quantum Physics and will present the key learnings from this training.

Elva will be presenting:

  • 25th Oct – Conference: Laughter and Law(yers).
  • 27th Oct – Joy Festival: Laughter and Quantum Physics
Annie Harvey

Annie Harvey

Professional Speaker and Experienced Life Coach

With the World Health Organisation making “burnout” an official syndrome, there is now an ever insreasing need to combat this. But what if our present approach is adding to the numbers. Could we in fact be at a stage where we are too resilient to a point where we are missing all of the signs? Annie is fresh from her presentation at the Happiness and it’s Causes Conference where she had more than 2000 people laughing.

Annie will be presenting:
  • 25th Oct – Conference: Compassion Fatigue (aka Burnout)

Meredith Yardley

Meredith Yardley

Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer

Meredith helps people to raise their daily happiness levels in achievable and sustainable ways. Armed with a Master of Arts in Communication, and most recently her studies in the Science of Happiness at the University of Berkley California, Meredith will help us explore questions about happiness like what is it, does your language make a difference to our happiness levels, can happiness be measureed, can we get more happiness in our lives, and if so how?.

Meredith will be presenting:
  • 25th Oct – Conference: The Science of Happiness.

Elvira Estavillo

Laughter in the Phillippines

Elvie, as she is fondly called, is the founder of Laughter Yoga in the Philippines. She introduced it in 2008 with the ladies circle in San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, where she resided.She is the only certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in her country. She has conducted Laughter Yoga sessions to various companies, hospitals, organizations, banks, prisons, and schools. She also did Laughter Yoga for 120 heads of corporations from different parts of the world in the Suntec convention center in Singapore during the World Toilet Organization conference. For many years that she conducted Laughter Yoga, Elvie had a regular column in the top newspaper in her country titled, “Laughingly Yours”. She also writes her inspirational “Thoughts To Guide Us By” that is published monthly in a leading newspaper.

Elvira will be presenting:
  • 25th Oct – Conference: Laughter in the Phillippines
Kim Omeara

Kim O’Meara

Laughter Adventurer, Explorer, and Pioneer

Kim will tell of her experience of transforming not just individuals , but previously warring tribes in Africa. Kim is an unbelievable example of an ordinary person doing extraordinay things at a global level.

Kim will be presenting:
  • 25th Oct – Conference: Laughter in Rwanda

Michi Morioka

Michi Morioka

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Chiropractor, Reiki Healer, and Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher

After being diagnosed with depression as a consequence of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and tqunami, michi found Laughter Yoga, which helped her celebrate life as it is. She realised that instead of working your way to happiness, we have a choice to be happy each moment. Michi will lead us through Let Your Yoga Dance, which will remind you of and let you celebrate who you truly are on all levels.

Michi will be presenting:
  • 27th Oct – Joy Festival: Let Your Yoga Dance
Annie Harvey

Annie Harvey

Experienced Life Coach and Professional Speaker

In this workshop Annie will be providing hands on strategies about how to get stress out of the body using her SWIM method. It’s about raising your self efficacy, and introducing habits and goals into your life and enhance character strengths.

Annie will be presenting:
  • 26 Oct – Joy Festival: Recovering From or Beating Burnout


Francesca Moi

Business owner, speaker and advisor to business and startups

Francesca is the CEO of Empowering Events that teaches businesses and personalities how to become famous by leveraging their following and filling their events. She is the author of two books Follow Me-Shutttupp and Build your Network, and Bums on Seats. She is passionate about using events and social media for raising her clients profiles and creat one to many businesses. At the end of her presentation she will be making an amazing offer to help you to grow your business.

Francesca will be presenting:
  • 26 Oct – Joy Festival: Invisible to Invincible