Here is the list of laughter experts who will be running workshops, trainings and conference sessions.


Merv Neal

Merv Neal

CEO Laughter Yoga Australia and Director of Holistic Services Group

Merv has owned and operated his own businesses for more than 40 years. Following a work related life threatening health issue in 2002, Merv found out first hand that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Merv will expian that there has been no science in laughter … until now that is. Laughter is merely a mathematical equation and he will discuss this concept during his Conference presentation using the Laughter Quotient. Having completed another Research Study, this time with pain management, Merv will present the findings from all of his studies and then discuss the opportunities in the health industry using Laughter as Therapy at the Joy Festival.

Merv will be presenting:
  • 26 Oct – Workshop: Developing Productive Workplaces by Managing Stress
  • 26 Oct – Workshop: Developing the Productive Workplace by Managing Stress using Laughter
  • 27 Oct – Conference: The Science of Laughter
  • 29 Oct – Joy Festival: Laughter as Therapy
Elva Zhang

Elva Zhang

Founder of PeaceLab and International Lawyer

Accordiing to neuroscience, our brain is also not as fixed as we used to believe. Rather, it is more malleable, and we are able to rewire it for joy. When we synthesize quantum physics and neuroscience, can you discover the hidden secrets of laughter as a creative power for a new self and new reality? Elva has just completed a training program with a leader in this field and will present the key learnings from this training.

Elva will be presenting:

  • 27th Oct – Conference: The Neuroscience of Laughter.
  • 28th Oct – Joy Festival: Experience a Laughter Zen Playshop
Pat Armitstead

Pat Armitstead

The World’s First Joyologist, Author, Radio and now TV Show Host

Pat has been a headline speaker for more than 20 years. She is not a comedian but has many skills derived from the performing arts. Combine this with a 20 year career as a nurse, and also a Clown Doctor who toured with Patch Adams, and her ability to tell stories, and you have the consummate performer. Pat will host a live taping of her Laughter Channel TV Show titled a Comedy of Errors where she will host a comedian or two and a surprise audience guest. Get ready to applaud and be a part of this production.
At the Joy Festival Pat will take us on a roller coaster presentation Shake Cackle and Roll-An audition for Hilarity the Musical. She assures us that this workshop is going to strike a CHORD with every one of NOTE so look SHARP. The last time she did something like this it caused nothing but TREBLE, but people did say that her BACH was worse than her bite. Make yourself a mental NOTE and chose now to be in the play at this STAFF meeting where there will be no REST until everyone faces the MUSIC. The final performance will be judged by MAJOR STACCATO with all cast receiving a TICKLEBONE AWARD. You can IMPROV your chances by practicing being a TENOR…SOPRANO…over to you how you CONDUCT yourself says Pat. If all of this music jargon makes you smile…well we have just begun!

Pat will be presenting on:
  • 27 Oct – Conference: An episode of The Laughter Channel titled a Comedy of Errors
  • 29 Oct- Joy Festival: Shake Cackle and Roll-Audition for Hilarity the Musical


Janni Goss

Janni Goss

Wellbeing Educator, Author and President of LaughWA inc

Janni Goss has been a passionate advocate for the health benefits of Laughter Yoga since training with Dr Kataria in 2000. A former physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, Janni is now a Wellbeing Educator and Speaker, known in WA as The Laughter Lady. Janni will share her experience of outsmarting stress and the value of incorporating Laughter Yoga and it’s benefits into the mental health system. Janni will also discuss her concerns about carers of all kinds and the Wellbeing strategies she includes in her Workshops. Her experiences and outcomes will be shared.Website

Janni will be presenting:
  • 28th Oct – Joy Festival: Love Laughter and Longevity-Self-care to share.
Ros  Ben-Moshe

Louise Gates (UK)

Phd Candidate at Coventry University UK

For her PhD Louise is undertaking a world firt research into the effects of Laughter Yoga on the symptoms of anxiety and depression in people who have intellectual disabilities. The research is gaining attention in the UK with Louise recently appearing on BBC Radio Two. Louise has a background in nursing and yoga and travelled to India to work with children with intellectual disabilities and saw first hand the impact that yoga has on the mental health of these vulnerable populations.

Ros will be presenting:
  • 26th Oct – Conference: PhD of Laughter with people with intellectual disabilities

Shalani McCray

Meredith Yardley

Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer

Meredith helps people to raise their daily happiness levels in achievable and sustainable ways. Armed with a Master of Arts in Communication, and most recently her studies in the Science of Happiness at the University of Berkley California, Meredith will help us explore questions about happiness like what is it, does your language make a difference to our happiness levels, can happiness be measureed, can we get more happiness in our lives, and if so how?.

Meredith will be presenting:
  • 26th Oct – Conference: The Science of Happiness.
Anthony Ackroyd

Denise Gibbons

Women’s Leadership Specialist

The Healthy Mind Platter is a concept developed by the David Rock and Daniel Siegel Neuroleadership Institute. It is to do do with engaging every day in the seven activities to enable your brain to coordinate and balance its activities so that you can be alert, creative and resilient throughout your day. Brain power has become more powerful than muscle power for most of us in this knowledge and service driven world. The Healthy Mind Platter is based on the neuroscience for a balanced “mental diet” to maximise the function of our pre-frontal cortex and avoid burnout which happens when our minds are out of balance.

Denise will be presenting:
  • 26th Oct – Conference: The Healthy Mind Platter
David Cronin

Jennifer Karlich

Founder of the Joy Space, Laughter Leader, and QOYA Teacher

Jennifer’s passion lies in working with communities to promote individual wellbeing alongside interactions and cohesion through the modalities of laughter, play, movement and breath. Her workshop, The Flourishing Mission, debuted with rave reviews, and is a fun and interactive experience that allows time for self enquiry and reflection and an experiential way for a group of individuals to connect as a community. Embracing the theory of Dr Barbara Frederickson’s model of positive psychology, The Flourishing Mission aims to bring awareness to simple and achievable ways to utilise the top 10 positive emotions to enhance your wellbeing and how to foster these emotions in not only yourself, but also in others and your community.

Jennifer will be presenting:
  • 26 Oct – Conference: The Florishing Mission
  • 27 Oct – Joy Festival: A QOYA Dance Workshop workshop


Ros  Ben-Moshe

Kim O’Meara

Laughter Adventurer, Explorer, and Pioneer

Kim will tell of her experience of transforming not just individuals , but previously warring tribes in Africa. Kim is an unbelievable example of an ordinary person doing extraordinay things at a global level.

Kim will be presenting:
  • 26th Oct – Conference: Laughter in Rwanda

Ros  Ben-Moshe

Michi Morioka

Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Chiropractor, Reiki Healer, and Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher

After being diagnosed with depression as a consequence of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and tqunami, michi found Laughter Yoga, which helped her celebrate life as it is. She realised that instead of working your way to happiness, we have a choice to be happy each moment. Michi will lead us through Let Your Yoga Dance, which will remind you of and let you celebrate who you truly are on all levels.

Michi will be presenting:
  • 28th Oct – Joy Festival: Let Your Yoga Dance