Here is the list of laughter experts who will be running workshops, trainings and conference sessions.


Merv Neal

Merv Neal

CEO Laughter Yoga Australia and Director of Holistic Services Group

Merv has owned and operated his own businesses for more than 40 years. Following a work related life threatening health issue in 2002, Merv found out first hand that “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Merv will explain the link between laughter and mindfulness, and share some techniques and stories with organizations such as the Victorian Police Force Forensic Services, KPMG, Department of Unemployment, and Tennis Australia to name a few.

Merv will be presenting:
  • 26 Oct – Workshop: Developing Productive Workplaces by Managing Stress
  • 26 Oct – Workshop: Developing the Productive Workplace by Managing Stress using Laughter
  • 27 Oct – Conference: The Science of Laughter
  • 29 Oct – Immersion: Laughter as Therapy

Pat Armitstead

Pat Armitstead

The World’s First Joyologist, Author, Radio and now TV Show Host

Pat has been a headline speaker for more than 20 years. She is not a comedian but has many skills derived from the performing arts. Combine this with a 20 year career as a nurse, and also a Clown Doctor who toured with Patch Adams, and her ability to tell stories, and you have the consummate performer. Pat will host a live taping of her Laughter Channel TV Show where she will interview a notable celebrity. Get ready to applaud and be a part of this production.

Pat will be presenting on:
  • 27 Oct – Conference: A live Episode of The Laughter Channel
  • 29 Oct- Immersion: Conversational Intelligence


Narelle Fraser

Ros Ben Moshe

Latrobe University Health and Wellbeing Lecturer and Published Author

Ros has just recently published her first book Laughing at Cancer.

Ros will be presenting:
  • 27th Oct – Conference: Laughing at Adversity
  • 29th Oct – Immersion: How to write a Best Selling Book

Dave Berman

David Cronin

Hypnotherapist, Laughter Therapist, Coach, and Author

In Laughter Yoga an important element is giving yourself permission to play. David will explore the 6 Play Personalities, the 6 Step Process, and 7 Play Properties, to better understand how we are programmed to play. It’s in our DNA.

David will be presenting:
  • 27 Oct – Conference: Playing Up
  • 29 Oct – Immersion: Clowning Around


Michael Davoren

Michael Davoren

Facilitator, Event MC, Character Actor, and TV and Radio Voiceover

Michael has over 20 years experience in theatre, TV, short film, radio, animation, computer games and multi media. He has appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Ireland Clonmel Junction Festival, and throughout Europe. Michael will explore the power of laughter to break down barriers and create authentic connections. He will also explore the polarity between empathy and narcissism. Oh and one more special thing which you won’t want to miss.

Michael will be presenting:
  • 21st Oct – Conference: Connecting with Laughter

Rebecca Privilege

Rebecca Privilege

Owner Natural Healing Therapies Australia

Rebecca is a highly qualified therapist who specialises in Natural Healing, Allergy Elimination, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Integrated Therapeutic Alignment, Crystal Healing, and Counselling. She has been helping her clients for over 26 years but in 2005 she had to help herself. Through her connection to the Eternal Kingdom she can sometimes be “off with the fairies”.

Rebecca will be presenting:
  • 21st Oct – Conference: The Energy of Laughter

Connie Costa

Connie Costa

Laughter Yoga and Wellness Trainer, Founder of Laugh and Live Well, and Laughter Blogger

Connie is one of the few people who is trained and qualified in both Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness. She runs the Laughter Yoga Social Media Team and will explain how you can be trained in laughter using the Laughter Yoga Online Training model provided by the Laughter Online University.

Connie will be presenting:
  • 28th Oct – Immersion: How to establish and run a Laughter Business.

Nicole Beasley

Bron Roberts

Founder of Let’s Laugh

In 2015 Bron Roberts, Laughter Yoga Trainer, Therapeutic Humour Graduate and the Chief Happiness Officer of Let’s Laugh set out to ask as many people as possible one question:  “What makes you happy?” After 3 months of asking her question to those in big cities and small communities around Australia she headed overseas.  Bhutan was the final destination on her 11 countries in 9 months adventure.

Bron will be presenting:

  • 21st Oct – Conference: Gross national Happiness in Bhutan.

Janni Goss

Janni Goss

President Laugh WA and creator of JelliTime

Janni Goss has been a passionate advocate for the health benefits of Laughter Yoga since training with Dr Kataria in 2000. A former physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner, Janni is now a Wellbeing Educator and Speaker, known in WA as The Laughter Lady. Janni will share her experience of outsmarting stress and the value of incorporating Laughter Yoga and it’s benefits into the mental health system, particularly for PTSD. Website

Janni will be presenting:
  • 21st Oct – Conference: Mental As Anything.